"Our goal is the same as yours:
to ensure you acquire, develop, and retain
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MO!: Live with Momentum, Motivation, and Moxie
by Shawn Doyle & Lauren Anderson

What is MO?

The purpose of MO! is to help people get and stay motivated but with a very unique twist. See most people think that motivation for them is out of reach. They have an average job at an average company. This book is intended to give people hope by shining the light on people who are in average regular jobs but do amazing work and have fun doing it.

In the book we offer inspiring profiles of Service Advisors, Hot Dog vendors, Airline Gate Agents, Seafood Market Owners, Construction workers, Seamstresses, Fitness Trainers, and Taxi drivers who all have the magic MO! qualities. They are all normal people who work every day but their work isn’t normal. At the end of each profile we provide a summation of the 3-4 special qualities that they have and our suggestions on how to incorporate it into the readers life and how they can get more MO!


"I have known Lauren Anderson for most of my professional life.
She is an inspiring educator, with a "knack" for identifying what makes
people, not only good, but extraordinary in their professions. In this book
she combines all of her talents to not only describe outstanding people and
their performances, but to also summarize those traits in a simple fashion
that allows readers to look for extraordinary people in their own lives."

Lynne Greene, Global President, Clinique, Origins and Ojon


"Common wisdom always dictates that an author should stick to what they know.
When I heard that Lauren Anderson was writing a book about "every day people
who do what they want do, whatever it is, in an extraordinary way", I thought, how perfect! Lauren is an extraordinary person, who had great success in the corporate world but decided to take the more daring road, and start her own business.
She's been doing what she wants to do for over 20 years...and always in an extraordinary way. It's easy for Lauren to identify the "MO" (motivation, mojo,
moxie, more, momentum, etc) in others, because she herself is filled with it!
Lauren has spent her entire career training and developing individuals and
teams of people, always with an eye to bringing out the "MO" within each of
them. Her personal approach, keen attention to what’s going on inside, and
nurturing process has made many every day people perform in extraordinary ways."

Donald Loftus, U.S. Leader, P&G Prestige


"Lauren's experience in people development and the beauty industry along with her passion for memorable customer encounters makes her a brilliant trainer and motivator. Her deep understanding of how relationships are built between the seller and the buyer influences all of her training and development programs. “MO” reflects her insight into human nature, people, and what makes them special. A great read!"

Donald Hess, Director of Saks Fifth Avenue
Former President and CEO of Parisian.


""MO" is a must-read for any sales oriented person. Finally,
a book that teaches important concepts that include, the main ingredients of success! Important concepts like, integrity and
putting the customer first in a fun, easy-to-read parable. I just finished reading "MO". WOW! I'm now working to share what I learned with my Financial Team so we can stay motivated to succeed through these difficult economic times. A book of
lessons and attitude that apply to all who desire success!!"

Rick Silverman, Senior Vice President
Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney



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